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Electronic Stand Alone Combination Locksets Access Controls
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Trilogy Prox Lock PDL3000
Spec. Sheet Side 1(.pdf)
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Architect & Engineer Specs (.pdf)
Architect & Engineer Specs (.doc)

Program Manual

TRILOGY® Prox Lock PDL3000
Combination Proximity and Digital Lock

Accepts most HID Proximity cards and key fobs including 26 - 48 bit formats
2000 User codes: Master; manager; supervisor; basic user
Users are individually programmed to use a card only, code only, or for highest security - both card and code
Card data can be added to software via the lock, card reader module or PC
Batch enroll allows many cards to be added quickly to the software via the lock with the use of PC
Weatherproof and operates from -20° F to 151° F (-29° C to 66° C)
Fingertip (keypad) or Windows PC-programmable
500 scheduled events/schedules and up to 40,000 event Audit Trail that can be printed to AL-IR1 Infrared Printer or AL-DTM (data transfer module) or AL-PCI (PC Interface)
Available in four finishes (US 26D, 26, 5 & 3), plus special order finishes
Either standard or Regal curved handle trims
Interchangeable core by-pass preparation for Yale, Medeco, Sargent Corbin/Russwin, and Schlage

Trilogy Audit Trail Access
Trilogy® Audit Trail Access Options
for DL-2800 to 3500 Series:

AL-DTM2: Data Transfer Module: Used to program multiple . The AL-DTM can also be used to collect LOG information from up to 48 locks before returning to PC

AL-IR1: Infrared Printer: Optional hand-held infrared printer may be used to print the event log and user code list

DL-WINDOWS Software: Alarm Lock's own (optional) Window-format software for easy programming, scheduling and log viewing.

AL-PCI: PC-interface cable which interconnects locks and PC for up/downloading data transmission (programming & audit trail information).

AL-PCI2: PC-interface cable and Windows sofware which interconnects locks and PC for up/downloading data transmission (programming & audit trail information).

AL-PRE: Prox card reader/enroller that enables instant, automatic enrollment of Prox cards into DL-Windows.

AL-REMOTE: Remote Keyfob

AL-HID1326: PDL Prox card