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Automobile keys
We all know about the standard, "been around since the beginning of time," single sided mechanical key!
and most of us who have ever looked at a foreign car or even most of the new domestics, have seen a double sided mechanical key.  These are the most basic of the mechanical security used even in today's automobiles.  
Did you know however, that many years ago, the European auto makers decided that these locking devices did not offer enough protection from picking and other similar attacks?!  They developed a new type of mechanical security for their autos.  There are several different types that they came up with.  These include:  2 Track, 4 Track, and Dimple keys.  All of these locking systems utilize keys which are cut down the side of the key, instead of down the blade, or edge.  This allows the manufacturer to create a system that is much more difficult to pick or even create a key for, thereby increasing the difficulty level for potential criminals.  This also increases the difficulty for security professionals to make a first key or duplicate existing keys.
Electronic keys
In the mid '80's General Motors introduced an anti-theft system which utilizes a small pellet resistor in the key.  The way the system operates, if the resistor is present and the correct resistance value, the car will start.  If, however, the pellet is not present or the wrong resistance value is detected, the cars computer shuts down the ignition system.  They named this system V.A.T.S (Vehicle anti-theft system) This is a V.A.T.S key.
This is an example of what a transponder looks like.  And the Ford key it came from!

Ford decided, a decade after G.M. that they needed to add some form of electronic security to their vehicles.  In 1996 Ford introduced to the market a system known as P.A.T.S. ( Passive anti-theft system)  This system uses a small crystal radio device, called a transponder, which is embedded in the head of the key.  This system functions by sending a radio signal from the steering column when the key is turned to the on position.  The transponder in the key is energized by this signal and responds with its own signal.  If the cars computer recognizes the signal, everything functions normally.  If on the other hand, the computer does not find a valid transponder, the car will start but the system will quickly shut down the fuel system and the ignition system, thus shutting the car off.  These systems were in use in Europe prior to Ford's introduction to the U.S. market and that sparked the foreign cars to include this feature in the vehicles being sold in America.  

Most vehicle manufacturers are using the term "Immobilizer system," when equipping their cars with transponders.  Glens now has the ability to duplicate about 90% of all transponder based automotive keys, and more are being added all the time!!!
                If you have a Ford newer than 1998, chances are that you need two working key before a duplicate can be made.  Same holds true for Chrysler!  If you have been told by someone else that your key is impossible, give us a call, most times we have the blank that your car requires and the knowledge to properly cut, and if necessary, program that key to your car.  

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