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99 Series

Modern touchbar styling for heavy traffic situations
Available in Rim, Mortise,
Surface & Concealed Vertical Rod
Fits 86 & 161 hollow metal cutouts
7 different functions available
Available for 36" or 48" door openings

Fire Rated Available

Exit  Devices

Available in Polished Brass, Dull Bronze, Polished Chrome,
Dull Chrome, Aluminum Paint & Dark Bronze Paint. 
Guard-X Emergency Exit Bar & Alarm

Guard-X Diagram



Series 8400
Mortise Type
For aluminum stile glass doors

Uses standard 4700 series latch.
Standard backsets available.
Easily retro-fit to existing doors.
Available in 10 different finishes.


Series 8600
Concealed Vertical Rods
For aluminum stile glass doors

Locking rods for the top and
bottom of the door. 
Mounted inside the door stile for
protection and a spotless look.


Series 8800
Rim Mounted
For aluminum stile glass doors

Patented starwheel locking bolt.
Provides interlock with door frame.
No stabilizers required due to interlock.
Protects against jamb spreading.