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Panic bar
Emergency Exit Alarm
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Guard-XGUARD-X provides secure, alarmed code-compliant protection for secondary exits. GUARD-X exit alarm lock readily identifies the door on which it is mounted as an emergency exit and secures the opening against unauthorized use. It is ideal for deterring theft in restaurants and retail establishments such as: discount stores, grocery stores, drug stores, clothing stores and sporting goods stores.


Heavy Duty Design
The new Series 2670 Exit Alarm Lock provides secure protection through a large stainless steel deadbolt, which is 2" x 1/2" (51mm x 13mm) and has over a 3/4" (19mm) throw. The engagement area into the strike is over 1 1/4" (32mm) square inches. The cast aluminum latch case protects the internal mechanism and resists tampering or vandalism from inside the door. This unit has been tested to withstand up to 1600 pounds of static load force against the door.

GUARD-X does not allow relatching or resetting the alarm after an unauthorized exit, other than by an authorized person with a key. A 100-decibel alarm provides a clear, attention getting warning for an unauthorized exit or attempted exit. The armed indicator light informs the owner that the alarm is armed, and an audible low-battery alert signals the owner to replace the battery when necessary.

GUARD-X complies with the NFPA 101® Life Safety Code "the actuating portion of which extends across at least one half of the door leaf". It is UL listed for Panic Exit Hardware (UL305) including "the ends of the crossbar or push pad shall curve, guard, or otherwise designed to prevent catching on the clothing of persons during exit" for use on Emergency Exit applications, and tested in accordance to ANSI A156.3 Grade 1 Panic Hardware (250,000 cycles).

Installation takes just a few minutes with an easy-to-use adhesive back template. The product's nonhanded design means the installer can mount it for either hand by just removing and reversing the "Emergency Exit -Alarm Will Sound" sign built into the device. The standard warning sign is in English with Braille; French and Spanish are available.

Operation and Outside TrimGuard-X Diagram
GUARD-X is armed and disarmed by a key using a standard rim cylinder. For owner convenience, Guard-X can be operated from the building's exterior by a second standard rim cylinder, so an authorized user can easily arm and disarm it to enter or exit the building when required. When using exterior operation a pull trim is recommended, use 210DT or 230DT. Rim cylinders are not furnished and must be ordered separate.

A standard 9-volt battery powers the alarm. An exterior 9-volt power supply is available, Model PT-790, a 120VAC plug-in. When using the external power supply, the 9-volt battery functions as a battery backup during a power failure.


Exit Alarm Lock, Strike, and Outside Trim


Touchbar height to finished floor 40" (1016mm) at center
Door width range 36" (914mm) to 48" (1219mm)
Touchbar projection-

4 1/8" (103mm)
2 3/4" (70mm)
Latch case housing 7" (179mm) x 4 1/16" (103mm) x 4 1/8" (105mm)
Device length 32 1/2" (826mm)

Finishes -US28 (Aluminum), 313AN (Duranodic Brown), 315AN (Black)

How To Order

  1. Model number 2670 (includes strike, screw pack and battery)
  2. Finish - US28, 313AN or 315AN
  3. French or Spanish sign, when required.
    English with Braille is standard.


  4. Sex nuts and bolts (6 #325) -when required
  5. PT790 9-volt External Power Supply -when required
  6. 210DT x 050140 or 230DT x 050140 -when required
  7. 3216 Rim Cylinder, when required


Large 2 x 1/2 stainless steel deadbolt provides maximum security. A standard rim cylinder is used to arm or disarm lock.
Heavy-duty construction provides long service life. Three finishes-aluminum, duranodic brown and black.
The Guard-X Exit Alarm Lock Catalog

(File size: 2,259KB) is available for download in Portable Document Format (*.pdf). You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader software to read this catalog.
The Guard-X Exit Alarm Lock Parts Manual

(File size: 315KB) is available for download in Portable Document Format (*.pdf). You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader software to read this catalog

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