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Simplex® 5000

Easy to install. Easy to operate. What could be simpler?

The Simplex® 5000 has been designed for the simplest installation possible. The lock is shipped preassembled as two fully contained front and rear housings. It’s non-handed, and the lever hand can be changed in seconds. It installs easily on wood or metal doors from 1 3/8" to 2 1/4" in thickness, or 35mm to 57mm. In addition, it fits standard 161 Cylindrical Lock door prep with only minor modifications; retrofits cylindrical locksets with 2 3/4" (70mm) backset; and covers existing Kaba Ilco 1000, L1000 and PowerLever installations.

Since it features a direct - drive design, there is no need for a clutch mechanism. This decreases the possibility of internal breakage and the subsequent linkage repairs. And with a fully independent lever, there’s less chance of damage from abuse. Using the Simplex 5000 couldn’t be easier. You just punch in the correct code and press "ENTER." The ADA-compliant lever requires only a 45-degree turn in either direction. The code that opens the door can be easily changed to one of thousands of possible combinations, without removing the lock—eliminating the cost of cutting new keys. And since it is mechanical, there are no batteries to maintain or replace.


Customer support. An extra level of security.

From its packaging to its warranty, the Simplex 5000 takes customer support to a new level. The lock is packaged with fewer parts to assemble. That means less time, and less confusion at installation. The owner's manual is also built for speed, with more illustrations and diagrams than manuals for other locks. It's a quick read as thorough and helpful as possible, covering both the installation and operation of your Simplex 5000 in three languages.

A combination card is also included to help users keep track of their codes, and a surround card lets you place operating instructions on the door itself. You can also reach our Support Team via telephone.

Open the door to security and convenience with the Simplex® 5000 mechanical pushbutton lock. Contact your Kaba Ilco dealer to find out more.

  Combination Changing Instruction