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2000 Series
Switch Controls

These mechanical switch locks control access to electrical equipment. Our built-in Visi-guard inhibits unauthorized observation of the entry code.

Model 2001 has a built-in variable time delay (2 to 60 seconds) to allow the switch to remain energized for a pre-set interval. Temperature range: 15° to 120°F (-9° to 49°C)

Model 2003 and 2005 are ideal for latching relays on garage doors, gates, and elevators which generally have built-in timers and incorporate a momentary contact switch. Normally open and normally closed contacts are available.

All 2000 Series switch locks can be surface-mounted on a wall or frame any distance from the door. All mounting hardware is protected by the locked front plate assembly. Only two wires are required to connect the door release circuit.


Construction: All-metal front housing.
Electrical rating: UL-rated switch: 10.5 amps at 125-250 VAC/28 VDC.
Wall thickness: Surface-mounted.
Strike: Not included.
Latch: Not included.
Installation: Can be surfaced-mounted any distance from frame. Minimum stile required: 3 1/8" (79 mm)
Control: Includes D59 for combination chance.
Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8 kg)

2001 - Variable time delay (2 to 60 seconds) Normally open
2003 - Momentary contact / Normally open
2005 - Momentary contact / Normally closed
How to order - 2000 Series

26D - Satin Chrome

41 - 1 lock per box

Combination Changing Instructions

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