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Dallas chip
Magnetic stripe
Wiegand effect
Barium ferrite
Card reader
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Dallas chip


Each chip is unique 

Provides fast and easy use

Constructed of stainless steel 

Mounts to key rings or existing badges

Smaller and lighted than traditional keys

Operates in extreme temperatures and climates

micro-chip uses hexadecimal numbering system

Dallas chip mounted on a key fob

Dallas chip reader

Proximity readers



Small card size

Easiest of all readers to use

Standard read range of 4"

Extended read ranged to 36"

Operates through glass and walls

Operates well in extreme climates

Readers encased in epoxy and pvc

Narrow and single gang mount


Magnetic stripe


Low cost cards

Cards can be duplicated

Designed for low security situations

Best suited for interior applications

Scratching the stripe may destroy the card


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Wiegand effect


Swipe through use

Thicker than standard cards

Best suited for interior application

Magnetic wires are embedded in the card

Bending of cards may render them useless


Barium ferrite


Controller is mounted inside the reader

Thicker than standard cards

Barium ferrite is embedded in the cards

Bending of cards may render them useless

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